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Organic Screen Printing

In 2013, Zion Packaging moved its facility to Corona, CA. The main reason being that we needed more space. Why you say, well we just purchased 2 glass & plastic screen printing machines. These screen printing machines are state of the art, servo driven behemoths. By reaching out and networking we were able to partner up with Square Peg Packaging in San Diego, CA. Square Peg handles packaging for like 99% of the breweries in Souther California. Since partnering with SquarePeg, we have continued to branch out. We now have partners in the pharma, nutritional, beverage, and personal care markets. We look forward to doing any decorating that we can for you!


Buy dapoxetine in uk - Buy dapoxetine in singapore

Buy dapoxetine in uk - Buy dapoxetine in singapore

Up to 6 rich colors with bright and beautiful messaging

Speciality Ink

Glow in the dark, fluorescent and thermo chromatic inks can add a special flair.

Servo Controlled

The bottle printing is like a CNC and can move according to the shape of the bottle.

Organic Inks

All our inks are organic no PROP 65 warning is needed.

Matte finish

We can change the appearance of the container to be glossy or dull.

Tactile or scratch off

We can change the texture of the bottle.

Shelf Appeal

Decorating containers confer a high quality, top shelf product.

Metallic Inks

We can use metallic and pearlescent inks as well as precious metals.


Bottles can be prepared as bulk, case packed or however works for you.

the process

how it's made



First things first, we discuss the bottle that you are going to be decorating and your expectations for the finished product. We then prepare a printing template based on the printable area of your container. Using this template, your design group prepares your artwork in accordance with the printing template and then submits it to Zion Packaging for conversion. Zion performs prepress and applies any need trapping, etc. to the artwork. We then provide you with a high-quality final proof for approval. It is then up to you to either return any changes to our design department for implementation or you authorize production and send a PO.

Film Positives

After you have approved the artwork, we release the artwork to be printed as film positives. We use high quality image setters in order to produce the positives.


Screening and Exposing, Ink & Color

Once the positives are produced, we can begin producing screens and getting the colors ready. We will adjust screen tension based on the bottle and depending on the artwork also. We have a large library of colors already available but our ink room can color match any sample provided.

Printing & Quality Control

After the everything is prepared, the presses get fired up and running. For a standard 12oz bottle our screen printing presses can print up to 3000 pieces per hour. Throughout printing a random sample is taken of quality checking. The final product is checked against the proof for color and artwork accuracy and a scratch and tape test is also performed.


Shipping and Storage

Once everything gets printed, your containers will get palletized and stored until they are picked up.

design guidelines

the rules

Supplying Artwork

  • Early in the discovery process, Zion Packaging will provide each customer with a die line (template) specifically suited to the container. This die line will define areas of the container in order to aid the customer in design. Zion die lines will be supplied in .pdf format.
  • Our pre-press department runs on Macintosh. Artwork should be supplied in its native format (Illustrator, Photoshop), along with all supporting graphics and fonts. For best results, artwork should be applied in spot colors only.
  • Please provide files uncompressed. Color separation is essential to screen printing. Please provide raster files in layers to allow for necessary printing adjustments. Any modifications Zion makes are exclusively to allow for a better printing result.
  • In the event we feel there are components of your artwork that may pose inferior printing results, we will indicate such areas and provide a recommended solution.

Supplying Images

  • Images must be correctly sized and properly oriented to the container.
  • Images should be printed at a minimum of 175 lines per inch.
  • If a gradient consists of more than one color (i.e process), please ensure all colors terminate at the same location.

Type Size and Font Requirements

  • The minimum type size for good legibility is 6 point. Type face with small serifs or thin strokes should be avoided. Our font size specifications are based on experience and knowing what prints well and what does not.
  • Metallic Inks are more to “fill-in”, and a slightly larger font should be considered.
  • Key-lines may be required for “knockout” type. This decision will be made depending on various factors, including the color composition of the surrounding background. This single color will enhance printing and provide superior results.
  • Any choice to utilize type smaller than 6 point is the sole responsibility of the client.
  • All text must be supplied in Illustrator. Text supplied in Photoshop is unacceptable as it has already been converted to an image inside the program. Finally, Photoshop text will appear blurry when printed. In the event you do not have access to Illustrator, or your artwork is only available as a Photoshop file, Zion will rebuild the file in Illustrator. Please note pre-press hourly rates will apply.

Converting Copy to Outlines

  • Ultimately Zion Packaging will convert all text to outlines, whether or not a client supplies the artwork with text converted to outlines. A client has two options:
    • Supply artwork with text converted to outlines. No (limited) editing will be possible by Zion.
    • Supply artwork INCLUDING all utilized fonts. In the event minor text revisions are required, Zion can easily make these changes without trouble.


Die lines and Copy Placement

  • Please ensure all copy is placed within the “Text Zone” as indicated on the Zion Packaging supplied die line.

Setting Barcodes

  • Customer must supply UPC code numbers.
  • If necessary, we have the tools to generate a barcode for your product. Simply supply us with the first 11 digits of the code. Zion will scan the barcode and ensure its readability.
  • UPC codes should be positioned on design to run in machine direction (vertically). This will ensure limited distortion during the shrinking process.
  • Please design the barcode with high contrast in mind. Black on white provides the best combination for success.


  • Artwork should be submitted un-trapped.
  • The standard for traps is 0.2mm. On occasion, a smaller trap is used if we feel it necessary and prudent to provide the best printing results.

Running Combos and/or Common Plates

  • Often a client will offer a family of products that may employ similar features or elements. There are design considerations that may allow the use of common positives/screens in several products, offering significant savings.
  • Similarly, clients many times offer a product in several countries, with requirements for different languages. In these cases, it tends to be incredibly practical to design with black or dark text. It is common to be able to utilize overprint techniques, where *only* the primary text cylinders is unique, and all other cylinders are commonly used. Please ask Zion how to achieve this goal.

PDF, Epson Print Proofs and On-Press First Articles

  • During the art submittal process, there typically are a few points at which Zion’s graphics department will provide PDF files to electronically proof. This process enables a client to find errors early and correct before final traps and adjustments are made to artwork.
  • Upon approval of electronic PDF, Zion will create an Epson print proof for the client to review before the project is released to plate/cylinder creation.
  • While Epson proofs are fairly color accurate, there are often slight variations in color when comparing a proof to the final product.
  • A color proof of finished art must be signed and dated and returned to Zion prior to manufacturing.
  • In the event a client must have 100% certainty of the final product, Zion offers on-press first articles. An additional fee applies for this service. Contact Zion for details.
  • Customers are responsible for any misspellings or errors in the artwork they supply Zion Pack.

Changes to Artwork

  • If changes to artwork are required outside the scope of the original quotation, jobs will be assessed and invoiced on an individual basis.

questions and


How many colors can Packaging support?

Up to 6 color passes.

What kind of charges can I expect?

Design work, computer file preparation, proofs and film are quoted and billed separately, depending on customer requirements.

For screen printing, expect to pay $77 per pass for setup fees.

If tooling is required for your project, expect to pay from $3000-8500.

How do I submit a request for quotation to Zion Packaging?

All requests should be sent via our where to buy dapoxetine in london or call us at 949-361-8828. We will respond to your inquiry within 1 business day. Please include the following information on any correspondence:

  • Project Name
  • Bottle Specifications
  • # of colors (including clear)
  • Annual forecast quantity (number of containers)
  • Initial order quantity (number of containers)
  • Date required

What is your lead time?

If we have tooling available for your bottle we can typically start turning items within 2 weeks. If tooling needs to be procured then it will take 6-8 for machining.

What is your minimum order size?

We typically require your average order to be about 25000 pieces minimum. However, if tooling is available, we have flat rate fees for small runs.

How should I provide artwork?

Most clients these days submit artwork to us via one of the multitude of online sites, such as dropbox. Please contact us if alternative methods are needed. Artwork should be provided in Adobe Illustrator, with source files and fonts included.

Does Zion Packaging provide warehousing services?

Yes but very temporary. Unfilled containers, even in bulk, tend to take up a lot of pallet space. We request all customers to ship their bare ware components no earlier than 2 weeks before printing and to have their finished goods shipped within 1 week of printing.

What are Zion’s standard payment terms?

FOB California with advanced deposit and down payment for positive and screen creation. Zion will extend payment terms to qualified customers.